Onehub Data Room

Onehub has been in business since 2007 and has managed to grow significantly all the way through the present day. They have managed to accumulate an impressive list of clients some of which belong to the Fortune 500. Their goal, according to their website, is to create software that the user will enjoy and increase their productivity. While reviewing the Onehub data room, it appeared that they managed to achieve this to a certain extent, but pricing, security, and collaboration feature still cause certain hesitation.

Onehub Data Room Review

In most situations, the data room offers several tiers of pricing with the most expensive plans containing the best features. When we look at the cheapest package offered by Onehub, we notice that it costs $29.99 a month and, what’s even more striking, is that you only get three users for this money with an option to add more for $10 each. This is too much money given the benefits that Onehub offers and you will able to find much cheaper options if you shop around. The next option is called the “Business” package which gives you five users which is also very expensive because some of the other data rooms that we reviewed offered as many as 20 users for this price. Be sure to shop around and compare prices because you will be surprised to see how low and flexible some of the prices are among other data rooms that we reviewed. However, this seems to be one of the most expensive options out there.

The security features are not any better than the standard ones that can be found in other data rooms. You would think that for the prices that they charge there would be some innovative or robust security options, but this is not the case. There is nothing that would defend documents against camera based attacks and given that corporate espionage is on the rise, there is a good chance that someone might simply take out their smartphone and take a picture of their computer screen. Therefore, the biggest threat to your data often comes from within.

In terms of user management, it does not really put the administrator in total control over who sees which information. One of the main reasons that business professionals opt to use a virtual data room is because they decide which information will be visible to each participant. However, more complicated deals, such as M&A transactions and due diligence, require more granularity than what is offered. For example, let’s say that you uploaded an Excel spreadsheet into the data room. You would like all team members to study the spreadsheet, but you do not want some of them to see the formulas that were used during the calculation. Some data room allows you to go that deep and allow or restrict information on such a minute level.

While Onedrive does a fairly good job in terms of customization, the one glaring omission is the lack of API integration. This will make it very difficult to sync data such as syncing your CRM with the data room.