How do we rate data rooms

On this website, you will find a detailed analysis of well-known and not so popular virtual data room providers. We created these reviews to help you choose the solution that will be suitable for your unique needs. We also want you to know all the details about us and our approach to the reviews. Our study is unbiased and completely true.

We are an independent review project

The main thing you need to know about us is that we’re an independent project. This means that we don’t advertise anyone, and no one pays us for any kind of promotion. We give credit only to the providers that deserve it. That’s why we remain completely unbiased when we review the data rooms – there is no motivation for us to praise someone who is far from good.

To make sure our opinion is truly unbiased and not clouded by anything, we refer to the experience of the customers of a provider, our fellow business owners, and experts who also review virtual data rooms. Thus, we can prove to ourselves that we don’t offer any faux information to our readers.

We test every data room we review

It’s impossible to create a detailed and useful review if one doesn’t have any background in using the reviewed tool. That’s why we test all the data room providers we rate and get some hands-on experience and understand all the pitfalls of the software. Using a certain data room, we pay special attention to several valuable criteria.

The first one is, of course, security. Most providers we deal with offer reliable encryption for both storages and data transfer ways. But just encryption is not enough. That’s why we also look for two-factor authentication, granular permissions, and other additional features that will help data room owners obtain better protection for their documents. We test these functions to see how well they work and if they are really useful.

Then we rate the ease of use. We check how intuitive the interface is, the simplicity of the menu and if it’s easy to find and understand the required feature. It’s essential for a data room to be as easy to use as possible so that businesses don’t waste time on training and issue solving during deals. 

While going through the interface and features, we evaluate the usefulness of the functions and see if any essential tools are missing. There is a certain set of instruments a decent data room should offer, and we always try to suggest you providers that will supply you with all the required features. 

Also, we check the certificates a vendor has to see if its repository is compliant with all the regulations different countries might have. It’s an important criterion as certain business areas such as Legal or Biotech, for example, deal with strict regulations that require them to be more meticulous when choosing a data room. In our reviews, we always note if the vendor is suitable for all fields or not.

Finally, we try to reach out to the support team with different inquiries. We test how quickly staff answers, how detailed their reply is, and how much they can help us in general. It’s important for a provider to offer extended round-the-clock support to make clients feel comfortable. If something goes wrong – you need to get help right away, not in hours. Even a couple of hours can cause a critical delay that might ruin the deal.

Working on our reviews, we also reach out to business owners who are using the provider we study to get their opinions. Entrepreneurs, of course, have a more extended experience of interaction with a certain data room as they get to test it in the real-world environment. Company owners share their thoughts, concerns, and pitfalls they faced if there were any. Also, we go through numerous customer reviews to consider their opinion as well. We study their testimonials to see if there is something important we missed. Gathering all this information together, we create our unbiased reviews of data room providers.

We consider the opinion of trusted resources

If there is an expert in a specific area, one should always consider their opinion. That’s why we always refer to trusted resources such as G2, Capterra, Softwareadvice, and others. We never fall into a belief that we’re perfect in our job – that’s why we check out what these experts think about the provider we are studying at the moment.

If we notice some differences in the experience we and the expert had using a virtual data room, we always check out the details again to make sure our review is true. Then we can have greater peace of mind when advising you a certain vendor since we know that this is a reliable provider you can trust your corporate information to.