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In parallel with our research into the characterisation of the ‘reference rot’ problem, the Hiberlink project will investigate and develop approaches to help alleviate this problem. We aim to provide actionable solutions to create part of the web infrastructure necessary for the web-published context, such as software, data and multimedia content, around scholarly communication to be preserved, understood and reused by future generations of researchers.

In particular, pro-active mechanisms for archiving cited web resources at the point of use or publication will be researched and prototyped. The Hiberlink project will work closely with existing publication venues to ensure that the proposed solutions can be integrated easily to existing publishing workflows.

New methods of citation will also be researched to enable the creation of precise and actionable time-specific references. Prototyping activities will result in a public demonstrator that illustrates ease of automatic navigation using these citations.


Temporal References

Pro-active archiving Demonstrators

Los Alamos National Laboratory
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
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The University of Edinburgh